Add these anti-aging ingredients into your next meal

 17 Oct 2022  Zinzino General

Have you spotted a forehead wrinkle? Got smile lines, that never seem to go away? You probably jump onto Google, looking for the perfect anti-aging ingredient and product to revamp your collection. By Zinzino

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Children’s Omega-3: Everything You Need to Know by Zinzino

 26 Aug 2022  Zinzino General

Omega-3s have been touted as the health miracle for adults. As a parent, I take it to ensure I’m healthy for my kids. But what are the benefits of children’s Omega-3 supplements? The benefits of Omega-3 for children’s brain development, at every developmental stage, are well known. Moreover, research shows that Omega-3s are effective in supporting children’s overall growth and development.

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Meet the expert! An internationally recognized knowledge broker with more than an ace up his sleeve

 29 Apr 2022  Zinzino General

Dr. Colin Robertson is Zinzino’s Scientific Research Specialist, currently working out of his home in the outskirts of Liverpool. Colin is a qualified nutritionist, a published author and he holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He firmly believes that everyone – regardless of personal circumstances – has the right to the absolute best support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes. And, that is not an empty promise. Just ask the people he’s helped climb Everest and row the Atlantic.

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Why you should test your vitamin D-levels regularly

 27 Oct 2021  Products

It’s called the sunshine vitamin for good reason. The sun is our most natural source of vitamin D, and we can produce up to 80% of this essential nutrient this way. But do you know how much of it your body actually soaks up from the sun?

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Food supplements made from nature, proven by science

 27 Sep 2021  Zinzino General

Modern diets leave a lot of nutrients on the plate, causing many of us to reach for supplements. They must be taken correctly, consistently, and in balance with your body, its set-up, your lifestyle and other personal factors.

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So, are you really as healthy as you might think?

 24 Aug 2021  Zinzino General

Our modern, extremely busy life is often driving us to take dietary shortcuts. And what’s even more unfair, trying to do the right thing and eat healthier isn’t enough anymore as “good food” is not as nutritious as it used to be...

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What does a plant-based diet mean?

 17 Aug 2021  Zinzino General

More and more people are switching to, or toying with, the idea of going vegan. Today, there are more meat and dairy alternatives around than ever before, but given this shift in food types, it’s important to understand the different nutritional needs that come with the package.

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Why are vitamins & minerals so important and essential for good health?

 29 Jul 2021  Zinzino General

Eating a balanced diet is the best way to capture the necessary vitamins and minerals. But given the broad mix of essential nutrients and the varying diets in modern lifestyle, consuming enough vitamins and minerals through food alone isn’t always possible.

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The future of health is here: Trends in the wellness industry

 23 Jul 2021  Zinzino General

The trend is clear. Read about the TOP Six future health concepts that are trending! (by Zinzino)

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What are essential fatty acids and why are they so important?

 27 May 2021  Zinzino General

Essential fatty acids support the functions necessary for the body to thrive. The only way to get these nutrients is through your diet, which is why foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids are so important to us.

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