All-Natural Nootropic Food Supplement

 01 Dec 2021  Viva

Balance Oil+

All Natural Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

 19 Nov 2021  BalanceOil

Balance Test

Zinzino’s BalanceTest is an easy self-test for analyzing the fatty acids in your blood which is a reflection of the fat in the food you eat.

 18 Nov 2021  BalanceTest


 25 Oct 2021  Zinzino General

Vitamin D Test

 25 Oct 2021  Zinzino General


 15 Oct 2021  Xtend


All-year spring clean of the whole body

 26 Jul 2021  Zinzino General

Zinzino logos explained

Every Zinzino product is certified by a variety of international authorities and organizations. Learn what each logo stands for!

 23 Jul 2021  Zinzino General

BalanceOil+ Premium

All-Natural Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

 06 May 2021  BalanceOil


Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 05 May 2021  BalanceOil

Health Protocol

Overview of the Health Protocol of Zinzino

 16 Mar 2021  Zinzino General

Balance Oil+ Vegan

All Natural Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

 10 Jan 2021  BalanceOil


Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

 10 Jan 2021  BalanceOil

Balance Oil+ AquaX

All Natural Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

 10 Jan 2021  BalanceOil


All Natural Beta Glucan Food Supplement

 09 Jan 2021  Protect


24-hour formula for face and neck.

 09 Jan 2021  Skin Serum


All-Natural Dietary Fiber Blend

 09 Jan 2021  Zinobiotic

BalanceOil Vegan

Zinzino BalanceOil Vegan is a synergistic blend of marine micro-algae oil, echium seed oil, extra virgin pre- harvest olive oil and vegan vitamin D.

 08 Jan 2021  BalanceOil


Zinzino BalanceOil is a synergistic blend of high-grade fish oil, rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, with specially selected extra virgin olive oil with a high content of polyphenols

 08 Jan 2021  BalanceOil


When we interact with other persons at work, at the gym or when travelling, we get exposed to their germs. We also experience physical and psychological stress in our daily life.

 07 Jan 2021  Protect


Xtend is the most advanced supplement available today. It starts with a full range of 23 vitamins, trace elements, adds the key phytonutrients* and tops them off with Wellmune, a purified 1,3/1,6 beta glucan derived from Baker’s yeast.

 07 Jan 2021  Xtend



 06 Jan 2021  Viva


Viva is a natural dietary supplement that could improve mood and your general wellbeing in several ways. Viva helps to relieve ordinary stress and promotes a positive mood by supporting a healthy functioning nervous system / brain, and normal psychological and mental function.

 06 Jan 2021  Viva

Lean Shake Berry - Vanilla

Meal Replacement For Weight Control

 05 Jan 2021  LeanShake


Zinzino LeanShake is a delicious and nutritious meal replacement for weight loss1. Use it to lose fat and build muscles3, and simultaneously balancing your microbiome, for gut health.

 05 Jan 2021  LeanShake

Protein Bar

Zinzino ProteinBar has been specifically developed for health conscious and active people who need to eat on the go, before or after training, or just want a healthier snack.

 04 Jan 2021  Protein Bar


Our great tasting energy bar is perfect as a healthy meal before or after training, or as a meal on the go. Packed with almonds, dates and a handful of super-seeds like chia, quinoa, pumpkin, sesame - topped off with fibre from inulin for maximum effect.

 04 Jan 2021  Energy Bar

 02 Oct 2019  LeanShake