The trend is clear. Read about the TOP Six future health concepts that are trending! (by Zinzino)
The future of health is here: Trends in the wellness industry

The future of health is here: Trends in the wellness industry

The trend is clear. In all modern cultures across the globe, wellness is becoming a top priority. And the figures speak for themselves. The health and wellness market has grown twice as fast as the global economy, with an annual growth of 5-10%. But the wellness market isn’t just about food and fitness.

Today, health takes on a holistic meaning. Personal wellness encapsulates the physical body, exercise, nutrition, sleep, thoughts, emotions and self-love. According to recent McKinsey research, 79% of people believe wellness on all levels is important. While there has always been a market for fitness and nutrition, now healthy food trends signal a societal shift in the way food and products are perceived. This change runs parallel with a growing environmental focus, which has spurred the rise of plant-based diets and reducing individual footprints.

We are taking our well-being in our own hands

Consequently, the health and wellness market is being inundated with personalized diet plans, sleep-enhancing aids, gravity blankets, mindfulness apps, health trackers and customized training gear and fitness wear. There are opportunities to make better health decisions for ourselves, everywhere we turn. The McKinsey research reveals in the United States, people are spending 50% of their personal wellness budget on physical health (followed by appearance, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep). The U.K. mirrors these numbers. It is clear that we have every opportunity to take well-being into our own hands. The research also predicts a greater shift towards closely related services, especially those that emphasize physical and mental health – such as personal training, nutritionists and counseling.

Six future health concepts

There are a number of converging trends that support the current, continual growth of the health and wellness industry. The McKinsey research describes six developments:

1. Clean, non-toxic, all-natural products as the preference

From skincare to sleep enhancers, organic food to the packaging, there’s a surge of natural products for people to choose from. Health food, new trends in eating, consuming and living naturally are more accessible than ever.

2. Shopping is now a very personal experience

Products are becoming more custom-made, as people are no longer buying into the one-size-fits-all fix, especially not when it comes to health and wellness, and they look for solutions tailored to their unique health needs and lifestyle.

3. The digitalization of health

From fitness wearables to streaming gym services and everything in between, the future of the health industry is digital. Take Mirror, for example, a ‘nearly invisible interactive home gym.’

4. Fitness and food social influencers

The research also shows that 10-15% of the people say they follow social-media influencers and have made a purchase based on a recommendation. Health and wellness are one of the biggest categories for influencers.

5. The rise of health services

Physical and mental health services are enhancing the traditional model. This includes telemedicine, diagnostics, virtual communities, and products like the Peloton workout equipment.

6. A changing wellness ecosystem

Brands aren’t just staying in one lane anymore. For example, Lululemon, the famous fitness wear brand, has experimented with mindfulness, nutrition and community classes in their stores. Now, it’s more about leading with a value-based vision, rather than a specific service.
As these latest findings reveal, it’s an exciting time for health and wellness – both from consumer and industry standpoints. The culture is calling for convenience, specificity and individual empowerment.

Personal wellness is all about preventive health

All hype aside, the road to better health is a truly personal journey and it’s not a quick fix. It is a long-term commitment to change that starts at a cellular level, deep inside your body. There’s a lot of companies jumping on the band wagon, eager to offer individually tailored nutritional supplements. Make sure you choose one that is in it for the long run and is able to offer proof in writing that the products live up to their promise. Zinzino is a global D2C company from Scandinavia aiming to become a world leader in preventive health and test-based nutrition.

Put your body to the test

Founded in 2005, Zinzino are today considered pioneers within test-based, personalized nutrition, with a mission to bring the world back in balance. They have performed almost 700,000 individual blood tests since they started out, revealing the Omega-6:3 balance to people across the world and allowing them to change their dietary habits based on the results of their BalanceTests. Learn more about their signature range of BalanceOil+ food supplements based on a scientifically certified measure of pure fish oil, pre-harvest extra virgin olive oil and naturally sourced vitamin D3. They are all designed to gently restore the Omega balance in your body, adjust and maintain your EPA and DHA levels, while protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

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