What are beta-glucans and how do they improve gut health?

This is a fancy term for a type of soluble fiber. It consists of sugar molecules (polysaccharides) naturally housed in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, lichens and plants. Oats are high in beta glucan-containing fiber, and you will also find high counts of it in wheat, wholegrains, seaweed, algae and shiitake mushrooms. Beta-glucans are praised for their string of health benefits, from gut support to immunity. It’s why beta-glucans are introduced into food supplements. The body doesn’t produce beta-glucans, either.

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Dr. Colin Robertson is Zinzino’s Scientific Research Specialist, currently working out of his home in the outskirts of Liverpool. Colin is a qualified nutritionist, a published author and he holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He firmly believes that everyone – regardless of personal circumstances – has the right to the absolute best support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes. And, that is not an empty promise. Just ask the people he’s helped climb Everest and row the Atlantic.

What makes olive oils different from one another?

Regardless of whether you are a foodie by choice or family cook by default, the words “extra virgin” on the label of that elusive green bottle of olive oil usually mean three things to most of us: A more exclusive touch to the cooking, a healthier, better tasting meal and a bigger toll on our wallet. But what exactly makes this olive oil so different? The answer is not as cut and dry as you might hope for.

Can you get all your nutrients from food?

Our modern diet is not what it used to be and capturing the vast amount of nutrients the body needs to function well through food alone is not always easy. It requires strategic choices, but even then, nutrient absorption isn’t guaranteed. Today, when every pleasure in the world is available at the push of a button, food is rated by convenience rather than quality.

Children’s Omega-3: Everything You Need to Know by Zinzino

Omega-3s have been touted as the health miracle for adults. As a parent, I take it to ensure I’m healthy for my kids. But what are the benefits of children’s Omega-3 supplements? The benefits of Omega-3 for children’s brain development, at every developmental stage, are well known. Moreover, research shows that Omega-3s are effective in supporting children’s overall growth and development. By Zinzino

Food Fighters

Malnutrition is rife. When you break the numbers down, it is the number one killer today. But there are different kinds of malnutrition. Among the wealthier nations, the industrial diet has triggered pandemics of non-communicable disease by overloading us with calories and seeding us with chronic inflammation, dysbiosis, glycemic overload and multiple micro- and phytonutrient depletion. By Dr. Paul Clayton

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