Surveys show that 95% of Europeans are in the danger zone. Too much Omega-6 and too little Omega-3 has caused a host of modern diseases. With Zinzino you can find out where you are and also restore the lost balance.
95% in Europe are in the danger zone. You;

The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3...

Our cells need Omega-6 and Omega-3 in a ratio close to 1 to 1 with a maximum deviation of 3 to 1 . This was not a problem for man in the past because the diet he followed automatically gave him this possibility. The natural foods he consumed allowed him to live a healthy life. Diseases such as cardiovascular, autoimmune and many others were rare.

However, the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry has led our foods to contain excessively large amounts of Omega-6 and minimal amounts of Omega-3. Imagine that an egg from a free range hen has Ω6 to Ω3, 1 to 1. In contrast, a hen fed on processed food has Ω6 to Ω3, 20 to 1. The same goes for farmed meat and fish, etc. .

This has incalculable consequences for our health . Problems such as premature aging, autoimmune diseases, allergies, weight gain, fluid retention, low energy levels, high blood pressure and more are now common in the population. See here what the great expatriate scientist, Mr. Artemis Simopoulou, has to say .

Zinzino offers us a Test based on state-of-the-art technology that enables us to know the levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 as well as 9 other lipids important for our health.

What became clear after performing over 550,000 BalanceTests , is that common Omega 3 supplements although improving the condition, do not lead to the required 3:1 balance. This is due to a significant lack, they do not contain polyphenols, a valuable antioxidant that works with Omega-3.

Thus, Zinzino united the treasures of the north with Omega-3 rich fish oils, with the treasures of the Mediterranean with an olive oil rich in polyphenols. With the addition of the vitamin of the sun, D3, he created BalanceOil which alone, within 120 days of intake, leads us safely into acceptable levels of balance.

Common Omega 3 supplements, although they improve the situation a little, do not lead to the required 3:1 balance, due to the lack of polyphenols that coexist with Omega 3 in food but not in common supplements.

The problem of Ω6 : Ω3 imbalance is a pandemic. His solution constitutes a huge offer to man. So Zinzino, in order to make these products easily accessible to everyone, offers us the possibility of preferential purchase.


Karla 50 years old, from 34.4 to 2.9 in 120 days
Henrik 52 years old, from 16 to 1 to 2.5 to 1 in 4 months
Elina 26 years old, within 120 days from 7 to 1 to 1.4 to 1
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