Get BalanceTest and BalanceOil at discounted prices (57% off) thanks to Zinzino's unique subscription model.
BalanceTest and BalanceOil at a special price

Zinzino offers its customers two options . The first is the possibility of buying its products at a retail price. You can register in the Zinzino e-Shop as a customer and get the products you want whenever you want.

However, since the purpose is primarily to restore the balance in our body and then to maintain it, it is important that the consumption is not fragmentary but continuous over a period of several months. Thus, there will be time to see the results of the balance. You will also see them in the 2nd BalanceTest that you will do after 120 days, but mainly you will see and feel them in your body.

For this reason, Zinzino offers you a spectacular discount with the following offer:

You will start with the two BalanceTests you will need (now and after 120 days), 2 BalanceOils of 300ml and 2 more BalanceOils of 100ml . Each 300ml BalanceOil is sufficient for about a month (depends on your body weight).

The starter pack is offered at a 63% discount. So instead of 448 you will get it for only 169 and it includes 4 BalanceOils ( 2 x 300ml and 2 x 100ml ) and 2 BalanceTests (one is taken in the 4th month of the subscription).

Subsequently, and for a period of 6 months, you will be supplied every month with a 300ml BalanceOil at a price of only €33 instead of the retail price of €47 . After the six month period, you can continue or stop your subscription.

Alternatively, in the event that you do not consider BalanceTest necessary, you can purchase only BalanceOil ( 2 x 300ml and 2 x 100ml ) at a price of €90 instead of the retail price of €138 and then pay for 6 months from one BalanceOil 300ml with a price of €33 instead of the retail price of €47 .

In any case, we consider and recommend that the BalanceTest is very important to do. We understand the difference in our bodies in two ways. One is the marks themselves on the body. Better movement, improved skin, clarity and more. The other is to certify the difference with BalanceTest.

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