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Zinzino Balance & Product Presentation by Sacha Appleton

Zinzino General, 03 Feb 2021

Zinzino Balance & Product Presentation by Sacha Appleton Are you in the Danger Zone? Learn about the Scandinavian health concept with Sacha Appleton 97% of people globally are in the danger zone and probably don’t even know it. Chronic diseases are on the rise and our diet is not helping. What can we do to improve our health?

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The importance of fatty acids (in short)

Products, 14 Jan 2021

Dr. Aggeliki Pitidi presents the importance of fatty acids for the Health of human body.

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BalanceOil AquaX

BalanceOil, 24 Jun 2020

BalanceOil AquaX

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Zinzino General, 26 Jul 2021

All-year spring clean of the whole body

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Zinzino logos explained

Zinzino General, 23 Jul 2021

Every Zinzino product is certified by a variety of international authorities and organizations. Learn what each logo stands for!

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BalanceOil+ Premium

BalanceOil, 06 May 2021

All-Natural Polyphenol Omega Balance Food Supplement

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BalanceOil, 05 May 2021

Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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